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Donation Suggestions for Ukraine

Posted on April 06, 2022

By Global Ties Alabama


Global Ties Alabama decided to help Ukrainians and active supporters of Ukraine living in North Alabama to raise money for a truck of canned food.   

One of the effective ways to arrange humanitarian aid for Ukraine from overseas is to raise funds in the U.S. but to buy aid in neighboring Ukraine countries. First, it can be delivered to Ukraine faster. Second, money saved on shipping aid can be used for buying more supplies.  

Global Ties Alabama decided to help Ukrainians and active supporters of Ukraine living in North Alabama to raise money for a truck of canned food.   

The food will be purchased from the company Facos, canned goods producer located in city the Suceava, Romania just above 1 hour driving distance from Ukrainian border – see below. 

One pallet = 320 boxes One truck = 32 pallets Full truck = 61,440 meals (cans)
Price per box in RON (6 cans in each box)Price per 1 pallet in RONApproximate price per pallet in USD (*0.22)
Pork, 300 gram cans44.11141153105
Pork, 500 gram cans69.06220994862
Beef, 300 gram cans45.13144423177
Beans with sausage, 300 gram cans25.8282621818
Beans with ribs, 300 gram cans35.32113022487
Pork goulash, 300 gram cans40.42129342846
Beef goulash, 300 gram cans41.59133092928
Pea & pork, 300 gram cans43.16138113038
Pea & beef, 300 gram cans47.87153183370
Pork stew, 300 gram cans53.37170783757
Beef stew, 300 gram cans54.78175303857
Chicken liver pate, 100 gram cans27.8389061959
Pork liver pate, 100 gram cans27.8389061959
Beef liver pate, 100 gram cans21.5268861515
Average per pallet
Average per truck

* This table is made based on this list received from a producer (in Romanian). of the most protein-rich cans. Please note that the stock available changes constantly and the composition of the cans will depend on the stock available at that point of time.

Please donate to Global Ties Alabama using PayPal:

Please donate to Global Ties Alabama by writing a check payable to Global Ties Alabama and send it to:
Global Ties Alabama, Inc
4920 University Square, Suite D
Huntsville, AL 35816

*Tax deductible receipts will be sent to all donors.

Whichever way you choose to donate, please note “For Ukraine”.  

  • If you use PayPal, then there will be a field “What’s this payment for?”
  • If by check, then please leave a note in the field “For” at the bottom of the check. 

Detailed reports about the aid distribution in Ukraine will be published.

In you have questions, please contact GTA’s volunteer, Open World Alumna from Ukraine currently living in Huntsville, AL, Yaryna Zhurba at  or call (256)417-8352. 

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